Artist statement

Jantien Kahn (b. 1972) is a stone sculptor. She works and lives alternately in Amsterdam (NL) and Brittany (FR). In tandem with her Art Therapy studies, Jantien took sculpture classes with Dutch stone sculptors: Cissy van der Wel, Adriaan Seelen, Gerard van Rooij. Since deciding to make sculpting her profession she has continued to develop her skills and deepen her knowledge of design, through both apprenticeship with stonemasons  as well as every day practise in her own studio.


‘what is contained and can unfold’
I have always had a deep fascination and love for stones. Their antiquity and beauty. Stone as a material contains traces of a long past.


Stone sculpture requires both determination and tranquility. One needs to find alignment with the material, it’s hardness and its structure. By this alignment harmony arises between shape and material.  Stone has its own pace and the sculpting process can only to a certain extent be forced by time and the hand that works it. It is the pace that suits me.


Over the years my preference for hard limestone has become more apparent.  This is the stone I find most suitable for expressing my ideas on form. Its structure and hardness offers me the opportunity to experiment with different ways of finishing.


Nature offers a great source of inspiration. In the cyclical movements as present in the seasons and the tides of the sea, I draw parallels with my own life story. As one generation succeeds another, our connection with the past, present and future is maintained.


 Always the tension of bringing to the surface
that which is contained within,
of liberating the hidden,
while connecting hardness with softness, and strength with vulnerability