Bird Bath

Jantiens birdbaths are skillfully carved and beautifully finished water vessel, inviting birds to bathe in or drink from. In many a garden and rooftop terrace this unique concept has provided great joy for humans and birds alike.

Aesthetics and animal fun in one!

Each birdbath is handmade and therefore unique.  The cost of a birdbath is approximately €950, depending on size.  

Take a closer look at the birdbaths  that are still available:

waterbeeld 10

waterbeeld 10 / birdbath 10 / bassin d'oiseaux 10, Irish limestone, 35x35x5,5 cm, price €950

waterbeeld 17

waterbeeld 17 / birdbath 17 / bassin d'oiseaux 17, Irish limestone,  cm, price €950

waterbeeld 18

waterbeeld 18, birdbath 18, bassin d'oiseaux 18, Irish Limestone, €950

Activity in the birdbath: